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About Me


Dea Widya (b. 1987, Blora) is an artist based in Bandung, Indonesia. While studying architecture, Dea often adopted organic forms to experiment with building designs that have a relation to nature and humans, psychology and space. After working for an architectural design consultant where she encountered many struggles to find the ‘artistic / aesthetic’ side of architectural design, she decided to do a Master in fine art and explore the concept of space into installation. Dea is working on many art and design issues and doing various research on interiors, architecture and installation art. In many of her artworks, she explores the intangible side of architecture through the lens of history, spatial production , memory, narrative, seen from the inter discipline approaches. She made site specific artworks, where the space itself became one of the mediums of her works. In her practices , she also used mixed media, performative aspects, and focused on spatial narratives. Currently, she researches architecture and narrative environment, through installation art, installative design and   other performative aspects such body, gesture, and sound.Her works have been  exhibited in several exhibitions such  in Power and Other Things, Museum of Beaux Art, Brussel, Europalia Art Festival, 2017, Jakarta Biennale 2015, Artjog 2015, SouthEast Asia Triennale 2016, installation collaborators for The Last Ideal Paradise, theater combinate Austria 2019. In 2021, she became artistic director for Indonesia Pavilion in London Design Biennale 2021, and a mentor on Future Architecture Platform/ Belgrade International Architecture Week Summer Film School. In addition to making art, she also teaches in private universities in Bandung, Indonesia.