spectre: a house before a house


with Kelvin Djuniadi

Performative Lecture
Audio Generative Interactive Point Cloud


The idea of ‘Porosity of Spectral Space’ explores how indigenous people navigate their housing complex, resisting the rigid structures of existing buildings. Influenced by decolonial thinking, Bayu village residents embrace a more flexible approach to space, mirroring their holistic living style. The porous nature of the village challenges traditional boundaries, reflecting the community’s strong connection to their surroundings. This decolonized perspective encourages active engagement with architecture, allowing residents to shape and adapt their environment. The interactive point cloud, representing a gathering of points, symbolizes indigenous resistance and the ongoing negotiation of space. In ‘Spectre,’ the narrative unfolds, highlighting the convergence of indigenous beliefs, interactive spatial representation, and decolonial principles, promoting a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.