Dea Widya is an artist and researcher based in Bandung, Indonesia. Graduated from Bandung Technology Institute for bachelor degree in architecture, and Master of Fine Arts,

Her works focused on spatial narratives ,transcribe in site-specific installations, mixed media, photography, video, sound, and performance art. She explore about how architecture become a medium to understand reality. In her work, she use dream scene technique, speculative reality between fact and fictions to examine performative aspect in architecture. Currently, she explore aesthetic strategies in magic realism and architecture uncanny,in site specific performances and interior design exhibition.

Dea’s works have been exhibited in Jakarta Biennale 2015, Museum of Beaux Arts, Brussel 2017, South East Asia Triennale 2016, National Gallery of Indonesia 2020, and she win Indonesia Pavilion design for London Design Biennale in 2021. She was also a mentor on the Future Architecture Platform/Belgrade International Architecture Week 2021 for Summer Film School.

Additionally, Dea is now participating in the four-year artistic research of the Translocal Performative Academy, initiated by Theatre Combinat and the Performance Lab at the University of Applied Art Vienna, while also works as interior design lecture in Telkom University, Bandung.


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