Spatial Kitsch



Site-Specific installation artwork at Gallery National Jakarta

commissioned for SEA+ Triennale

raffia, sling steel

various dimension on a span of 26×15 m




The installation exploring the idea of space production. It is involving the interdisciplinary approach between architecture and art. This approach suits the idea of interconnection, embracing or encounter “other field” or about making a connection beyond the boundaries. The installation has taken place “site-specific”. This artworks attached area made to commissioned for SEA+ Triennale 2016 on National Gallery in between building A and C.
This intervention will create a contrast of those “heritage, sacred “ building of art, with the kitsch of raffia plastic rope. The contrast between low and high art evoke another dimension to represent in spatial form by catenary structure. The catenary form chooses to express a form of the tension of the low-high art. The using of raffia as the material, chosen to express the idea of how we are living among the cultural and popular kitsch which tends to distance the audience with the value of fine art.