The House before a house

Site-specific miniature installation

various medium
Bradwolff Project, Amsterdam

These miniature models, install site specifically on the gallery window sill-area. The model portrays a dialogue of blurring boundaries of spatial zoning. The merging between what’s become furniture-structure, private-public zone , idea of inside-outside has vanished. The practice of this ‘blurring’ boundaries between zones, has become a typical way of ‘alternative’ spatial production in domestic settings in Bayu villages. Apart from the belief of spiritual landscape, the blurring dichotomy of spatial boundaries has also become a mode of resistance, to resist the ‘geometric’ thinking on colonial spatial production. In this case, the fluidity of space heavily focuses on the social order, rather than the functional paradigm. The lecture performance of 3d LIDAR also resonate this issues, but in more technological approaches to portrays precarity of the space. The video will be narrated from the woman ghost perspective, on what she sees, feel and experiences during the night, while the inhabitans is sleeping.