spectre: in the eyes of a stone


Spectre: In the Eyes Of a Stone
Video Installation

The concept of sekala-niskala (physics-metaphysics) reality becomes a non-binary dichotomy where life-death and the physical-metaphysical world are reflected in the traces of geographic landscape artifacts and megalithic site architecture. This work invites our imagination to envision the metaphysical space through the visualization of 3D scanner results, where the screen becomes a reflection of “eyes” recording reality. Based on the impressionistic logic of light, the ‘reflection’ of the site’s form and light points triggered by sound give a new dimension to anthropomorphism. At the exhibition’s opening, the work can be interactively played, where sound triggers visual changes. Afterwards, this interaction will be documented in a video to be exhibited the following day.

Artwork instructions:

Speak, hum, converse, or make any other sounds into the provided microphone. Observe the changes happening to the image projection in the window.


this work is part of showcase in “re-imagining the 1000 Megalith ” art residencies and exhibition in Palu, central sulawesi