Tina and Joi



Site-specific installation
plastic rope
various dimension

This installation art piece inspired by kites that was featured in a fictional wedding ceremony between two characters, Tina and Joi. The setting of a colorful kite festival is imagined, with the sounds of kites and the wind lifting them into the air. The installation utilizes the structure of tensegrity, which allows for a lifted or swaying surface due to water pressure. This structure is frequently found in public spaces and is often appropriated by the informal sector. The installation intervenes in the parking lot of a colonial building, representing the fluidity of public and private space that occurs during social events such as weddings. The discourse of architecture as an event is used to explore the metaphorical space of the story, and the location of the intervention emphasizes the social relationships involved in a wedding. The passage raises questions about how viewers will react to this imaginary space that intervenes in our daily public spaces.