Sembarang Kota (City of Nowhere)


Unfired clay in Water Pond

mixed media

site-specific at various dimension

commissioned for Jakarta Biennale




The anonymous city phenomenon has started to hit the Indonesian metropolitan city. The anonymous city only has functional buildings without meaning or sense of identity. The building tends to be boxy-bold, repetitive, massive and monotonous. People are led to do their activities in indoor space, as the outdoor space as some ambiguous space due to its lack of the humane design. This work presents a group of modern proto-type of superblock which will be decay during the time of the exhibition. The miniature sets into the site-specific pond with black water, which allow the audience to walks through it in distinctive views related to the description of delusion wish of modern society of utopia. The absorbing of black water into the building bock also represent a latent danger of the diminished level of sea-water in Jakarta.