Ghost of Des Indes Hotel


Durational  installation artwork

at Palace des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR) Museum, Brussel commissioned for EUROPALIA, “Power and Other Things” Exhibition 

unfired clay, acrylic

270x140x100 cm




Des Indes hotel has been built on 1845 and around Indonesia independence, on 1945-9150 this hotel has witnessed an import-ant declaration called” Perjanjaian Roem Roeyen: This declaration has been a turning point, the dutch stop and leave Indonesia officially, witnessed by the federal nation. Also as a hotel, Des Indes has been a perfect example of the colonial-assimilation blend on adapting architectural style. All art deco/colonial building in Indonesia has been invented due to the assimilation of tropical and vernacular of Indonesia, which differs the colonial building in Europe and Asian. Hereby, the architecture has been one of the largest legacies in Indonesia, to educate and represent the spirit of the era.


Meanwhile, the lost of Des Indes replace by Duta Merlin store has become a big impact on Indonesia cultural artifact. It is a paradox, while Indonesia ironically refuses to learn and look for the past, and on the other hand, is to invent the future identity with adopting capitalization (which also pioneered by western). In any way, those modes of the lost of the heritage, replace the department store/superblock becoming a ‘trend’ here. It leaves us to consume more and more because everybody tries to build a commercial place.