Ghost of Des Indes

Durational installation artwork

unfired clay, acrylic
270x140x100 cm


he Des Indes hotel holds great historical significance as it was witness to the declaration of “Perjanjaian Roem Roeyen” that marked the official exit of the Dutch from Indonesia. The hotel’s unique architectural style is a blend of colonial and assimilation styles and is one of Indonesia’s most prominent legacies that represents the era’s spirit. However, the replacement of Des Indes with Duta Merlin store represents a paradox, where Indonesia is not looking back at its past while trying to create a new identity through commercialization. This trend of replacing heritage with department stores and superblocks leads to excessive consumption. The installation work symbolizes how colonial wounds are reflected in buildings and perform over time by changing contexts or urban ideals, showcasing the transformation of a decaying building into an abandoned place.