Ornament is a Crime


Site-Specific installation artwork and social experiment

Locate at Galeri Cipta 3, Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta Art’s Council
Rupiah dime in concrete block, resin ,5×3 m


The majority of Indonesians consider public space to be a symbol of freedom, but this mentality has led to anarchy, with individuals claiming public areas for their personal needs. Examples of this include illegal parking in side streets, informal sector waste dumps on pavements, and theft of public fixtures such as street lamps or sculptures. To explore the potential for unpredictable responses to public anarchy, I conducted an experiment called “Practices in Public Anarchy.” I created a site-specific installation that blended with the surroundings, and observed how people reacted to it. A hidden surveillance camera was used to capture candid responses. In one instance, I adorned the pavement with rupiah coins to examine how ornamentation in public space could invite criminal activity. The video shows how unpredictable responses can create unique candid performances that are bound to a specific time and place.