Practices of Public Anarchy: Ornament is a Crime


Site-Specific installation artwork and social experiment

Locate at  Galeri Cipta 3, Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta Art’s Council

Rupiah dime in concrete block, resin 

5×3 m




Most of the Indonesian people see public space as an expression of freedom, but it leads to anarchy by claimed it for personal needs, which now has to become a common sense.  For example, there are so many illegal parking in a side street which leads by local informal sector or waste dumpster on pavement or crime of stealing public fixtures such street lamp, or even public sculpture.  My latest experiment called” Practices in Public Anarchy’ try to explore the possibility of the unpredicted response of Indonesian public in public space. By making a site-specific installation that mingles with place context, some people will respond differently in terms of anarchy. The hidden surveillance camera put in public space to capture candidly their response. For example, In my last experiment, I put rupiah coins as ornaments finish on the pavement. Thus bring issues on how to ornament in public space is seen as potential on inviting crime, which is contrary most of the private acquisition on public space usually occurs to earn money. The video will show how unpredictable response create special candid performance through process, bound in a certain time and place.