Naked House

Wire Sculpture Installation Various dimension



Naked House, is an installation work that re-presents sheaths and objects to a domestic space through a series of wire gestural lines. The boundary of space, furniture, is described as a shadowy object, thus presenting a new space, where the boundary between the positive and negative spaces is biased. The composition of such installa-tions shows a negative area, imagining domestic space as an Atopos (without a place) an imaginary, no-sign world. Naked House, stripping the house, by removing hierarchical and linear structures, conventional ob-ject-body perception, so that it can be reimagined as a more liquid space. 

This work invite us to imagine a notion of gender in domestic space. The house, perceives as a projections of the intense If, which are imaginative, poetic as opposed to mechanistic ways of view. At the same time the works also being critical on binary domestic space-making, inherent from adopted colonial thinking. The house-proto-type, likely follws the ideal ‘composition of space’ that divided the space firmly between masculine-feminine and auxiliary. On everdaylife, the practiced space of the house, creates an environment on which woman uncon-sciously made to always to rely on men, in regards of her privates realm. Here, Women find it difficult to be inde-pendent in the outside world, if the personal space (domestic) alone, is actually constructed with masculine logic, based on the principle of function, representation of status, without thinking about the body and psychological needs of women.The interior of the house also based on an anthopometric standard based on male size. Woman are consucously attach to the idea of ‘controlled’ environment,which ironically shadow their existencies.