long duration performance art

gun Staple filler




Ephemicropolis is the act of composing and re-composing the ephemeral urbanism. The rapid changes affected by the global economy, affecting the urban sprawl. The city developed into a sporadic pattern, as a result of the lack of regulation in spatial planning. 


The performance is a long durational performance. The act of composing-de-composing the gun track filler, site-specifically followed the existing crack on the floor.  The fragility of the gun-track filler made the act of ‘continuous changing. During the performances, the composition is changing continuously, for 8 hours duration.   This act is a metaphor for how urban development, reflects the ephemeral quality, in which the spatial production occurs within the term performative act. The event, the social consensus, the contestation of space, have become a condition to turn the city into ephemeral urbanism.