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Sound performance in site specific installation

wire, headset and various medium


The things about memory are like to open the pandora boxes. We try to deny nor accept the content inside it fully, such sometimes we manipulate, deny or dramatized it so we can explain and reason with ourself in present time. My works offer a two-way experience, where the viewer persuade to rely on their memory about recognition to complete the works. By referring to outline drawings and to gestural drawings made by wire, creating the volume of an object to its total silhouette, it will create a new space which poised between visibility and invisibility.

The expression relates to the uncanny aspect of memory, to the way we remember familiar object in my domestic space in childhood, but also we try to annihilate many events related to the objects, especially if the objects have become a triggered to some unpleasant memory.

The performance itself only uses sound to trigger the audience memory as they walked among the installation. They will be guided to imagine, and react as approaching certain zone or object. The idea of performances also try to choreograph the audience within the installation, by sound and object clue. The performance likely a simulation for the audience to also experience there-enactment of childhood memory., especially in 90’s generation. This installation requires audience walks with booklet and headset, to hear the composition of instruction and sound effects.